SFCave on Java

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How to Play

Click the center of the screen to start. Control the worm so it doesn't hit the walls.

The worm will rise when you click the screen and descend when you release the button. There is inertia, so it's pretty tough to control.

Recent High Score Ranking is built into the game. Clicking "RANKING" at the title screen will send your recent high score.

- Unfortunately, the rankiking system is in Japanese. The first edit-box of the registration page means your name, and the second means your comments. The ranking tables are hourly, daily, weekly, and recently logs, from the top.


- You can also use the space key to play. If the space key doesn't work, click the screen and make sure that IME is turned off.

- If when entering your ranking information you are told the score's time has expired or some other error, make sure your PC's clock is set correctly.

- If you reload the page your local high score will disappear.

- Unauthorized reproduction or modification of this software is prohibited. Submitting a high score will record your IP address. We are not responsible for any use or results of the software or ranking system.

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